send out in batches for warm up

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it is possible to set a limit (number) on the emails to be sent to - for use in warmup… we have 200.000 subscribers but would like to send out in batches for warm up


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@LouiseG Yes you can create segments or snapshots of your list to send campaigns to smaller engaged segments as you warm the list. 

When warming your infrastructure, it’s a good idea to hold off on campaigns and let high value flows run for a bit (welcome, abandoned cart, browse abandon) because those flows also get a lot of traffic. 

Here’s more info for you

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Hey @LouiseG,

100% agree with what @KatherineB has shared! Additionally, I would love to add that if you were sending a campaign, you can always use the batch sending strategy. 

Using this sending strategy will allow your campaign to be sent in small batches over a defined timeframe. This sending strategy is especially helpful as part of a warming strategy and if you were concerned your email may drive a large influx of traffic to your site. 

You can learn more about this sort of sending strategy from both the Email Campaign Schedule and Send Options and Guide to Creating and Sending an Email Campaign Help Center articles. 

I hope this helps!


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Thanks - both of you :-)

But none of the links tells me how to pick a number . The Email Campaign Schedule and Send options only allow me to send out % and not a number.


But we figured it out by making a lot of fragmented sendings


Br Louise