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  • 5 August 2022
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We’re looking at some of the Klaviyo integrations related to SMS, and currently run both campaigns and flows using SMS messaging, so I was curious if there is any report type that can show by week, just like ‘total received SMS’, of ‘total SMS credits used’ by each message so I can see where the volume of our plan is being allocated and adjust accordingly?


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3 replies

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Hello @eMeg,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

This would be a great use case for custom reports paired with using the Received SMS metric

A received SMS metric will be recorded every time an SMS is sent and fully received by your customers. When basing your custom report off of this metric, you can further generate a report that shows how many SMS were sent from which flow by using the Group feature set to Flow. You can further segment or customize your report based on exactly what your goal was.

I hope this helps!


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Unfortunately this doesn’t address my issue, I do have that custom report already built, but I’m referring to the credit usage versus the individual SMS usage. To my understanding, if I send an SMS or an MMS that has, say, 206 characters to two separate individuals, that will count as more than two credits used on my account as it is over the SMS character limit for one credit. The custom report, though, will reflect two people received the SMS.

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Hey @eMeg,

Gotcha! So that report will help in highlighting which flows or message is contributing to sending out more or less SMS.

You’re absolutely correct in your understanding that SMS or MMS that exceeds the character count will only record one Received SMS event and that the report would not directly highlight how much credit each flow or message has used. At present, you’ll only be able to see how much SMS credits you’ve used under the account overview page. However, I do believe this would be a huge benefit to users and will be sharing it with our SMS Product Team to consider further.  

Thanks for sharing this use case and feedback!