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  • 4 February 2022
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I tried to update the unsubscribed: {% unsubscribe%} font color in the email , but failed. It works on other hyperlink but not the unsubscribed syntax, any tricks to change the color ? 


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Hi there @pmjchan,

Thanks for posting to the Community! Hopefully I can help with your customization question.

The unsubscribe link text color can be changed by updating the source code. The below code can be inserted to update the color. 

<a href ="{% unsubscribe_link %}" style="color: red;">Unsubscribe here.</a> 

You can style the text for an unsubscribe however you'd like inside of the text editor.

To customize the text for the generated link:

  1. Insert the tag: {% unsubscribe %}
  2. Add two single quotation marks after unsubscribe with the text you want: {% unsubscribe 'YOUR UNSUBSCRIBE TEXT' %}

If you need even more control, you can add a tag to provide only the URL for your unsubscribe link. For this, place the unsubscribe tag within <a href></a> tags:


<a href ="{% unsubscribe_link %}" style="color: red;">Unsubscribe here.</a>

When a recipient clicks a Klaviyo unsubscribe link, they will be taken to a confirmation page to confirm the unsubscribe request. It is not currently possible to create a link or button that automatically unsubscribes someone with one-click.



More information on the Unsubscribe link can be found here: How to Add an Unsubscribe Link to Klaviyo Emails

Have a great day!