Why do my "View in browser" links break/stop working


Hi Everyone


Does anyone know a fix or why my “view in browser” links stop working or break after a while, below is a screenshot of the error message I receive when trying to access one of these links. This seems to happening to me more frequently of late and I cant seem to understand why. Any help is greatly appreciated TIA



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Hi @Mik, welcome to the community!

Can you show us the code you’re using in your template?  Check to see if it’s one of the “Web View” template variables listed here:

The quickest variable to use is: {% web_view %} 

Sometimes you have to add variables in the “Source” view so it gets properly rendered.


Hi @retention, thanks for your response, I do believe the syntax is correct from my side, the view in browser link works once the mails have been sent out and then about a week later they seem to break. Please see code below :)