Using Validity/Return path for email deliverability

  • 5 April 2022
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Hi all, 

I am wondering if anyone has any experience usng Validity/Return path for improving email deliverability. Trying to figure out if this service helps with ensuring emails land in people’s inbox vs spam. We are currently using own own decidated Klaviyo IP, but are wondering if paying for Validity’s services are necessary. I know that Klaviyo has something in place, but wondering if validity adds any value. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @Suzy66,

Thanks for sharing this idea to the Community.

Here is some info: Validity offers an HTML tag that can go in the body of the email, so that's fine. We don't support customer header objects, that is correct. So all you would have to do is put it in the source a of text block and you should be fine.

We don't have a direct integration with them, but inserting the tag into the source of a text block in the email should work. I assume this is not linked to the customer's email provider, but I would reach out to Validity to confirm. 


All the best,