Adding Tags and Variable Syntax for Christmas

  • 18 December 2020
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This is a weird one…
I want to wish my customers a Merry Christmas… but when I add tag variable with default…

Merry Christmas {{ first_name|default:'to you'}}! 🎄
Result - Merry ChristmasBarry! 🎄

If I change the tag to:

Merry Xmas {{ first_name|default:'to you'}}! 🎄
Result - Merry Xmas Barry! 🎄





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8 replies


OK this actually looks like a GMAIL problem…

This is what the email looks like in Outlook…


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Hi Barry, so I’d like to look into this further for future reference in case somebody happens to run into the same issue in the future. The only change that was made to the subject line was “Christmas” in the first iteration, and “Xmas” in the changed version?


Hey Paul,

That’s right. Worked fine in Outlook but in GMAIL we could not get the space between the word Christmas and the first_name

When we changed to Xmas the space appeared !

Very strange



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@BarryK, out of curiosity, did you try a version where an extra space was added (so two spaces) after Christmas?

Merry Christmas(2 spaces){{ first_name|default:'to you'}}! 🎄


This is a very strange instance indeed. From what I’ve been able to see it looks like a campaign is scheduled to be sent using the version that works with Xmas but if you could test it out and let us know, we wouldn’t expect to see the words merged so any additional information would be appreciated.


We tried the double space, but no luck.

We tried a comma instead of a space and that worked.

"Merry Christmas, Barry"



Sorry… that should have been
“Merry Christmas,Barry”


Hi @Paul S  - Can you emulate the error?

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Hi @BarryK,  we were not able to replicate. Below is a test email where there happens to be a space. Has anybody else on the team seen this when sending themselves a preview of the email?