Are newsletters with only images technical less smart to send?

  • 13 April 2022
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Lately I see a lot of nice newsletters with only images. See attached some examples. So with different contentblocks and pictures. The picture is clickable. I can imagine it would be better for an e-mail to also use texts separately. But does it make sense If you add alt-text behind the pictures and make the images small?

Or is the risk to high the e-mail will get in the spam?


For the branding it’s nice and it looks way more professional to only use pictures with a nice design.


Did someone in the forum test it? Very curious!

Thanks in advance.



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Hey @Anoukvv 

Thank you so much for coming to the Community to ask your question about using images in your emails. 

Going overboard with images will increase the file size and load time of your emails.Typically, the reason for using images instead of text would be to include a custom font or an image with text on top of it. If you’re using a custom font for your logo or are including an image with a text overlay, there’s no way around using an image. For headings and paragraph text, on the other hand, don’t use images in lieu of text — and by this I mean don’t insert an image of the word “Welcome” instead of typing it out.

If the images in your email don’t load, an all-image email will look blank — not to mention, all-image emails can trigger spam filters. Your emails should be coherent with or without images.

Add some alt text
Because some of your email recipients might have images disabled, it’s important to use alt text. Alt text is a text description of an image. So, a photo of a flower could have an alt text description of “Flower,” but it’s good practice to be as descriptive as possible. In the event that your images don’t load, the alt text will describe what is meant to be represented, which is better than a blank screen.

Here are some additional community post that i think you will find helpful designing beautiful emails:

I hope this helps! Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Thank you! This helps definitely.