black background on dynamic table images




Just wondering if someone here might know how to fix this? 


I have added a dynamic table to add images from woocommerce. It works well but when i send a test email the image background becomes black. But when i preview it, then there is no problem…

Thank you !!


Test email


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Hi there @SkinSeoul


Thanks for sharing your question with us, happy to help!


Do you mind sharing if the file  format of these images are webp: ? In my experience, this can happen if the imags have this type of file format as gmail converts webp to jpg, which doesn't support transparency, and applies a black background by default.


To rectify this, convert the images to PNGs! 


Hope this helps!



I have confirmed it is all webp images, which we prefer as it allows for faster site speed.


But Actually i was testing a few other emails and it doesn’t consistently turn the images into black background. Some, as you see here are still white/transparent. 

Any ideas about other root causes?



Thank you so much!



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Hello @SkinSeoul 


I just checked the images on your website and looks the images appearing with black background are using transparent background however the other are using white background and this is why they are appearing like this.

Here are examples:




Right, understood. Is there any way within klaviyo to add some code which converts these images from webp to png so that when it renders on gmail it is not appearing black?

I don’t want to convert any images manually to png or change all my site images to png as it will impact site performance. 

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Hello @SkinSeoul  The only option is to change these images on your website