Button in product block doesn't align right all the way?

  • 13 April 2022
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Hi folks,

I’m building a template (in the OLD builder) and I have a vertically aligned product block. If I align all the components right, the buttons don’t shift all the way across, and well… it looks bad. Is there any way to fix this? 




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Hey @wernstrom,

This sort of behavior is really going to be dependent on how the email is designed. For example, reviewing and understanding if the button was a stand-alone block or if it was an image added to a text block, are there additional stylings being applied, etc. would all have various different methods of causing and mitigating this behavior.

From an outside perspective though, I would suggest double checking to see if there were any padding being applied if the button was a stand-alone block. Similarly, if it was an image being pulled into a text block to mimic a button, I would suggest reviewing how the button/image was coded which may be overriding the padding styles applied to the text block. 

There’s a lot to consider when designing your emails! If you were still having troubles with it, I may recommend reaching out to our Support colleagues to see if they can spot the issue or even reaching out to your own email designer to review more thoroughly.