Can I send a Reminder Campaign if I used uniques coupons codes on the campaign?

  • 26 November 2020
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Hi there, I sent a Campaign with uniques coupon codes using Klaviyo’s tutorial. I need to send a Reminder to the people that haven't used their code. Is it possible to send the mail with the coupon code that they already received?


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Hi @Aryvelascom!

First off, I like that you’re trying to convert those customers of yours that have not yet used a coupon code that they might have missed or just forgot about. Great way to try and maximize your chance of conversion and increasing revenue. Since one person can only receive one unique coupon code per coupon if you resend an email to one of your customers using the same coupon, they will receive the same unique coupon code.

Just in case others businesses have the same question in the future, I’m going to add in some additional pieces of information below on how customers can tell whether somebody has used a coupon code or not and how to find the coupon code in an email’s profile.


See Who Used Specific Discount Codes in Shopify and Magento

For Shopify and Magento stores, Klaviyo has the ability to pull in specific coupon codes being used for each purchase.

This feature lets you easily create a dynamic segment of everyone who used a particular coupon code.

  1. Create a new segment and name it "Used a coupon".
  2. Select What someone has done (or not done) from the dropdown.
  3. Select the Placed Order event and then click the Add Filter option to specify the discount codes to select.

This is a great way to understand if coupons are getting forwarded on to others, shared among friends, etc.

If you are using a custom platform or a platform like Volusion, BigCommerce, Symphony, or others, you may also be able to pull coupon information. Use the Add Filter option to see if a "Coupon" or "Discount Codes" option appears here at Klaviyo also created a post on where you can find a coupon code on an individual’s profile. 

There are also a lot of other great posts in our community forum that also touch on coupons so definitely check them out if you have a chance!


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Find a Code on an Individual’s Profile

If you want to know which code (and thus which coupon version) was sent to a subscriber, head to their profile in Klaviyo. On the bottom right-hand side, you will see the code(s) sent to a subscriber as well as the assigned coupon definition. Note that clicking the code takes you to the latest version of the coupon, not the version the code is associated with.


View Coupon History from the Coupon Tab

If you want an overview of a coupon’s history, navigate to your Coupons tab. Find the coupon you want, then click the Actions dropdown on the right-hand side and select View History.


You will be brought to a page where you can see the different versions of a coupon that had codes assigned to it. If you edited a coupon but then changed it before generating any codes, you will not see this reflected in the coupon history.

The coupon history shows the following:

  • Full coupon definition, including discount type and activation/expiration dates
  • Start and end dates for each version of the coupon
  • Number of codes assigned to each version


This information is not available for coupon versions created before August 26, 2020. This is when Klaviyo began logging coupon history and no information was recorded before that point.

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Hi. I’m trying to add a reminder to my welcome flow as well and am also wondering how to insert the first unique code that I sent in the first email to this reminder email.

I’ve been trying with things like {{ coupons|lookup:'Welcome20.CodeReceived' }} but no luck. 

Does anyone know what code I should be using please?

Thank you v much.

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Hi @lavc


Welcome to the Community and thanks for asking this great question! 


I understand why it might seem that a Dynamic Tag would be able to call the correct Dynamic Coupon. However, I would recommend instead inserting the same Dynamic Coupon tag from your original message for the reminder message. 


{% coupon_code 'NAME_OF_YOUR_COUPON' %}


The recipient will receive the same unique code each time you use the same tag until the code expires. Additionally, I suggest taking a look at this Community Post by a user asking a similar question to gain further insight! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 







How can I send a reminder to people to use their code if the campaign codes unique? I tried the method above, but in the area to select which codes to include, it is showing *every* variation of the code. Is there a way around this?