Can I use show/hide logic based on a form ID?

  • 6 June 2023
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I’m trying to set up a block in a welcome flow to show an offer based on which A/B test variation they signed up for.

The flow is filtered for the form ID.

The logic I am using is: 

person|lookup:'$consent_form_version' == '9500556' 

with each block using a different form version ID (950057, 950058, etc)

The preview isn’t giving me a syntax error, but is not displaying the corresponding block for matching profiles (no blocks are shown). Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 7 June 2023, 20:07

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Hi there @slieneke


Thanks for sharing your question with us, happy to help! 


Yes, you aren’t seeing any version pop up because we can only show/hide blocks based on properties or event details in the flow’s trigger, not form ID. However, I love the idea to show different content depending on which form version a user filled out! You can still accomplish by branching your flow using a conditional split, which can be filtered by form IDs, to differentiate what email a subscriber will see depending on the form they filled out. 


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