Complete copy not showing up on email when editing

  • 4 October 2022
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I am trying to add a review in a text box. But what I have typed in the editing field does not show up in the actual email. I have closed out and re-opened and it is still truncated.

Is there a solution?

Thanks, Chrisitn


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Hi @Christin Ranger, welcome to the community!

Any chance you can share some screenshots for us to help you better?  But some common things to check when blocks are not visible:

Check if block is visible on Mobile or Desktop.

The “Display Options” - make sure in the Classic or New Editor that the Text Block is visible where you want it to be (Desktop or Mobile).  

Text Color Settings Inline, Block or Style Settings

Other issues can include the text colors or you may have Style settings inline, at the Block or overall Styles that might have default text colors to be something that is not visible (white text  on white background).  This happens often when you are copying/pasting this from another source into Klaviyo.

Email Clipping  

If things are getting truncated in your email meaning it’s “clipped” in certain email client, check out this help file about clipped emails here: 

Hopefully this helps, but if you share more details we might be better able to help!