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  • 11 May 2021
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I'm looking into different platforms for my company to move to in the near future, since Bronto (our current ESP) is shutting down next year. One of the features we make pretty heavy use of in Bronto is the content tag system, which allows us to create predefined blocks of HTML code (via Bronto's API) that can be inserted into messages as needed, but this feature seems to be somewhat unique to Bronto from what I can find.


I see that Klaviyo has a number of predefined variables, and custom properties for contact-specific personalization, but those don’t quite fit what we’re looking for.


Is there any way to replicate that functionality in Klaviyo?




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Hi @IanA,

We appreciate you sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Yes, Klaviyo allows you to create and save blocks of content and re-use them in other emails. Certain types of blocks can be completely custom coded i.e. text blocks. For an overview on our template editor, check our our article here. Re-using previously saved blocks is achieved by “dragging and dropping” them into your Klaviyo emails. Our friends at Retention Commerce (@retention) have put together a great article on using saved blocks in Klaviyo here, I recommend looking into this for more information. You can also import a custom HTML template with drag and drop support. So if you have existing HTML templates, you can convert sections of those into editable blocks that you can change, add, or delete them using the Klaviyo template editor. We have more information on that here. Additionally, you can save full emails as templates and re-use those as well.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


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Thank you for the response! I’ve got a couple followup questions.

  • Are the blocks only usable with the drag-and-drop editor, or is there any way to use them in the HTML editor?
  • Can blocks be created/modified via the API?



— Ian

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Hi @IanA,

Of course, thank you for your follow-up note.

Yes, you can add drag and drop support to your custom HTML. We have a guide on achieving that here. Keep in mind, the template will not appear in the drag-and-drop editor until you use it in a campaign or flow email. It will remain as custom code in the Template Library view.

Unfortunately, blocks cannot be modified or created via the API.

Thanks and have a great day!

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Got it, thank you for the answers!