Create Dynamic Flow Email Based on Number of Times Product was Viewed

  • 5 July 2021
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I am planning to setup and flow target to upsell customer who made a purchase recently.

Is it possible to create dynamic content in the email to show ​​​​​​product has been viewed for 2+ times but not purchased


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Hi @pmjchan,

Thanks for posting to the Community and I hope to provide some info on your question!


To begin, I’d like to start off by asking a few questions to clarify your objective with this flow and question:

  1. When targeting those “who made a purchase recently”, is your goal to target a specific day range of customers? If so, I would recommend adding a time-frame on a placed order filter. For example, to target people who only placed an order in the last 30 days, add a flow filter for placed order at least once in the last 30 days.
  2. For dynamic content to customers who have not purchased, are you looking to exclude all customers who have purchased, or do you want to target content catered to those who have not purchased? 

As for your question on how to create an email flow that would target those who have viewed a product without purchasing, we cannot create conditional logic to determine if a specific product has been viewed more than once, but you can add a flow filter to limit people entering the flow who have only viewed product X more than two times.


The next step after creating this flow filter would be to add additional filters for “placed order zero times over all time AND checkout started 0 times over all time”

After configuring your flows, I would check our articles on building dynamic blocks in a flow email, as well as creating an up-sell flow so that you can implement your browse abandonment flow and data into these processes.


Hope this helped and thanks again for being a part of the Community!