Does Klaviyo have a similar feature to add a Message Body as MailChimp has?

  • 14 March 2024
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Does Klaviyo have a similar feature to add a Message Body as MailChimp has?

I'm sending the examples of what I need. The screenshots are from MailChimp.
I need to do something similar in Klaviyo, is that possible?


When the customers who will receive the invite click on the RSVP button it is supposed to open up an email in their email provider (Outlook, Gmail etc) with my email, so they can reply directly to me answering the message body like the below:

Please let us know if you will be able to make it!

YES – I am attending

NO – I’m unable to attend

(Please delete answer that does NOT apply)


My Name:

My Business Name/Company:

My Mob:

Will you bring a friend/colleague ?
All is welcome - the more the merrier 😉

Do you have any special Dietary Requirements?
(eg: vegan, veg, coeliac)


Thank you x







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Hi @Horgans 

I’m not aware of an ‘add a message body’ in Klaviyo, though you can certainly use a mailto: link to open an email client and add a subject line.

Depending on what response you expect, your MailChimp approach may mean a lot of emails you’ll need to manage and manually collate into a list! More error prone too.

I would recommend using a registration form for the data you want to capture. With that approach, a contact’s data will automatically be added to their profile as custom properties, so you can easily create segments in Klaviyo for follow-up emails on the event and personalise those with the data you captured.

Hope that helps


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Hi @Horgans,

I haven’t tried it myself, but this thread mentions how you can add text to the body of an email from a button. I don’t know how much text you can add, I would do lots of testing if you want to go this route!

That being said, I agree with @bluesnapper that a registration form would allow you to gather the information within Klaviyo, with a lot less potential for data entry errors.

Best of luck!