Dynamic Codes for Shopify Subscriptions

  • 16 March 2024
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It seems that Klaviyo doesn’t allow us to create Shopify dynamic codes with Purchase Type: “Subscription” or “Both”.

But is you go into Shopify after the first set of 100 codes is generated and manually swap the Purchase Type to include subscriptions, then the generated codes will work on subscriptions (i verified this).

My question is what happens with the subsequent generated batches of 100? When they are generated will they increase the number of codes in my existing Shopify discount (that has been manually adjusted), or will the new 100’s be created as new discounts in batches of 100?

This is important to me because i have a welcome flow with a % discount that i want to apply to both one-time and subscription purchases. The codes that Klaviyo generates are only for one-time purchases unless you change manually. So i’m trying to verify if the manual change will get the job done of not. I won’t be able to stay on top of manually updating every batch of 100 immediately after it is created.

Is this on the roadmap? Seems like a feature that would have been asked for long ago by subscription sellers.

Thank You


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Hi there @craigw


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


I love the ingenuity here of testing your hypothesis and sharing what’s worked with others in the Community! That kind of spirit is what makes the the Community such a great place! 


I have made another feature request for this on your behalf and I do agree there is value to having this option in Klaviyo! I am asking for confirmation from our Coupons team on what would be the case for the next batch of generated coupons. I will circle back with an update when I have it.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @craigw


Thanks for you patience! Here’s what I gathered from the team.


It depends entirely on the expiration settings of the coupon:

  • If it has a variable expiration (expire X days after sending), then each batch would be generated with a new price rule in Shopify, and you’d have to manually make the change on the Shopify side. 
  • If the coupon is set to never expire, then it should add codes to the existing price rule where you’ve already made the change and should respect that, i.e you don’t have to do anything.


Ultimately I’d suggest testing this and circling back since it’s not something we can support, but I’m eager to hear your findings on this possible workaround! 


Hope this helps!