Dynamic Coupons apply to one-time purchase only, not subscriptions

  • 4 April 2022
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Hi community,
One of my flows uses dynamic coupons. I noticed this morning that a customer used their dynamic coupon to purchase 2 products; one of the products is a one-time purchase product and the second product is a subscription to a product.

The dynamic coupon I set up in Klaviyo didn’t apply the discount to the subscription product.

I use Shopify and ReCharge for subscription management. In a typical coupon set up in Shopify (when the ReCharge app is installed), it gives you the option to apply the discount to one-time purchase only, subscription purchase only, or both. I always set up my coupons as “both”. However, there isn’t this option when setting up dynamic coupon codes in Klaviyo.

I checked Shopify to see if there was a “shell” coupon where I can adjust the discount parameters but there isn’t; Klaviyo only passes the individual coupons to Shopify once they’re generated.

Does anyone have a clever workaround; @Klavivo can you please add this to your roadmap?



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In my understanding and experience from what I noticed and tested klaviyo coupon codes for shopify work with any product that goes through shopify checkouts.

Usually people set up different checkouts for subscription products to go through the recharge checkout page and there klaviyo dynamic codes won’t work.

But if you set up the recharge subscriptions to also go through the shopify checkout which some of our clients did to, than you must know thatthis code will work for the subscription products to.

if possible for you the only solution I could think of is create a Non-Subscription collection/categorie of all the non subscription products and instead of setting the code in klaviyo to entire order set it only to work for the non subscription collection

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Hi there @bill_wishgarden,

Let me see if I am understanding correctly.

Unfortunately Shopify's unique coupons do not work in ReCharge, so our built-in Coupon functionality for Shopify will not work in the ReCharge checkout. 
Recharge does however have their own discount code functionality, and you should be able to have unique codes generated in bulk on their end, then import them into Klaviyo in the Uploaded Coupons tab to send these codes in your emails for subscription products.

The coupon codes that are generated in Klaviyo are pulled from Shopify and are not applicable to Recharge orders. There's a Recharge support doc that mentions you need to create discount codes in Recharge because of that incompatibility. ​

Now, if you create pricing rules in Recharge for a specific coupon, you can upload dynamic coupon codes to Klaviyo but all of the pricing rules for the coupon would have to be done in Recharge. When you use our uploaded coupons functionality, we don't keep track of any of that information in Klaviyo. If you'd like to go down that route you can check out our documentation on using uploaded coupons here.


Hope that helped,