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  • 14 October 2022
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When you set a dynamic coupon created for Shopify to expire in X # of days. Does it expire at the same time of day the coupon was created or at the end of the day on the final day?


if the email sends at 10 AM on day 1 does it expire at 10 AM on day 3 or at the end of day 3


I just always assumed it was based on when it was created but them I saw someone put in an email that it expired at 11:59 PM and wasn’t sure. 


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2 replies

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@Jessica eCommerce Badassery 

As much as I understand how Klaviyo developers set this up is that 1 day mean 24 hours so i think if it is activated one day at 10AM it will end tomorrow at 10AM (at least that is how their time delays in flows are working so i assume this is set to work the same way even though i was never able to find something confirming this)

But also important thing to know is this explanation from klaviyo “Note that your coupon's actual expiration will always be 24 hours beyond what you set in the expiration date field. This is to ensure that the coupon can still be used by the recipient in case there is a delay in sending or delivery.” so even if what I assumed above is not true it won’t be a problem of the code ending sooner because they seem to be prolonged for a day anyway.. (except if you want them to end at exact certain time)

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Got it, yea that’s what I assumed too. 


and oh on the 24 hours. Don’t think I knew that, thanks for the tip! That would explain the 11:59pm quoted expiration.