Email is off center after uploading HTML

  • 20 September 2021
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Hey everyone,

I’m running into an issue when I’m uploading a clients HTML source it seems to be off center slightly.  I’m by no means an HTML expert but messed around with the padding and took a quick look at the source coding but nothing stood out to me.  Any help is much appreciated!



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4 replies

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Hi! Was this built using the blocks in Klaviyo or imported as an HTML template?


Want to send me a preview email to I can check out the coding.  Shoot me a DM if you do. 



Hi Manny thanks for your help it was imported as an HTML template.  Lot’s of mentions of ‘outlook’ in the coding also.  

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Hey @thayala,

In addition to what @Mailbox Manny had highlighted, I would also question if you are seeing this when sending yourself a preview of the email. However, since this is a custom HTML template, I would advise reviewing how the template was coded and potentially finding a Klaviyo partner who can audit and review your template on your behalf. 

Thanks also jumping in and being so helpful @Mailbox Manny!



Thanks appreciated the response and suggestion!  Unfortunately it still looks to be off center even with a preview email.  Good call on finding a Klaviyo partner though.

Thanks again!