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  • 22 July 2023
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Hello Friends ! I have a question. How can I set up auto translation for emails? I have a friend in Colombia who is receiving my emails, but in english. How can the App read the clients Country and translate the email? Thank you Community.


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Hi @Dr Producto


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Our app doesn’t auto translate emails into different languages, you will need to manually create each email in a different language. However, if you have customers who are in different parts of the world who speak different languages, I’d suggest having a step in your signup to ask their language preferences to gather this information. Once you do that, you have this profile property that you can use in segments, to send the appropriate content to the right audiences, or use these properties in conditional splits in flows as well. 


These specific help center articles will be helpful for you:


I’d check out these similar threads to figure out how to do this effectively and gain more insight!


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