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  • 26 February 2023
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Hey Klaviyo Community,


For our emails we use a background image, and a custom font.


We installed a fallback font, and the emails look great and readable on our own devices.

Here's how it looks when I preview on Klaviyo:


 Here's how it looks on my phone (android G-mail):


As you can see, the fallback font is used, and the text color is black.


But some of our customers responded, and let us know that their email shows up like this in their inbox (also gmail, and also android)


My question is obviously, how do I fix this?

How do I ensure the fallback font appears black for everyone on my list?




Best answer by stephen.trumble 27 February 2023, 21:19

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2 replies

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Hey @BramVenneker 

Thank you so much for reaching out for help with your email!

Check out this other community post on the same subject. 

This looks like it is due to the use of dark mode on the customers email service provider (gmail). The post I shared goes into why this happens and things you can do and test before sending to limit the number of customers impacted by their settings. Hope this helps!

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Thanks @stephen.trumble