Help with dynamic email content that is highly relevant to the subscriber.

  • 23 May 2023
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I would like to get more creative with my email content that is sent to subscribers, by adding more relevance to their emails by showing products they have viewed/purchased in the past. 

Is there any content online that would help me:

  • Design emails that are relevant to the subscriber it is sent to
  • Include content that is based on their viewing/purchasing history

I’m a bit stuck when it comes to ideas on how to structure the email and how to make the content interesting but also relevant. 

Are there any templates or forum posts on how to achieve this? 

For example, my company sells yarn, but we also sell kits (yarn + knitting pattern) as well as knitting accessories. 

Lots of subscribers view our email content, but it often lacks that personal touch as they are sent to the entire list of subscribers. 

I’d like to experiment with dynamic content that can be sent monthly to high-engaging subscribers that are very active on our website, but unsure of how to structure the email. 

Many thanks for your help. 

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Hi @Stefan_TheFIbreCo.


Happy to hear you want to personalize your email content, that’s Klaviyo’s superpower and I’m happy to point you in the right direction! There are so many ways to design emails with content relevant to each subscriber.


First, I’d recommend utilizing segmentation, gaining customer properties, and utilizing dynamic content! There is more success to be found in segmenting out your main list and sending more personalized content to these dynamic groups of people who meet certain conditions in your list. Essentially, you can find out what customers have bought only yarn, kits, knitting accessories or all three! It takes the guess work of how to deliver interesting and relevant content. 


If you aren’t yet capturing your customers’ properties, I’d consider asking customers for their product preferences, interests, etc in a form so then you can segment according and use Klaviyo features like show/hide template blocks so when you send your campaigns about product releases, sales, or events, certain email content will dynamically show or hide according to each customer’s profile property and what your customers want from your marketing.


Finally, I would investigate our flows more thoroughly as you can implement dynamic tables in flows to show customers exactly left behind in their cart, looked at last, or cross sell depending on previous purchases.


I hope these suggestions helped to start your juices flowing of all the dynamic content you can add into your emails and who you send specific content to personalize your marketing and find success! I’d also check out our resources below to keep learning! Our  showcase posts also highlight successful templates sent by other companies you can check out!


Thanks for partipcating in the Community!