How can I white backgrounds in the email with dark mode on?

  • 27 May 2022
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Hi! I would like to have always white backgrounds in my emails, even if there is the dark mode ON. How can I do that? I tried to put white backgrounds in all the blocks from klaviyo but i still see dark with dark mode on. Can you help me?




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Hi there @Flavia.wanan


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Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to dark mode or any way to confirm that what leaves your inbox will be viewed ‘as is’ in dark mode. Dark Mode can be challenging to design for because inbox providers like Gmail & Outlook, as well as email applications (Apple Mail, Android apps, etc.) all handle Dark Mode differently. Some email clients will invert colors, while others will simply change all colors darker. Ultimately, dark mode changes are rendered once the email is already compressed, sent out of Klaviyo, and exists within the inbox of the email client.
Because the changes occur once the email has already been sent out of Klaviyo, there are a limited number of changes you can make within Klaviyo to alleviate dark mode rendering. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Add a white border to any logos or icons to improve readability
  2. Use transparent backgrounds for images (rather than white backgrounds), including logos.
  3. Use text instead of images when possible

I’d suggest checking out our documentation on Dark Mode Best Practices here as well as related content I’ve linked below to gain more insight/other tools to help you preview what your clients will see in their inboxes:


Finally, other Community members have discussed workaround and potential ideas for dealing with dark mode as well that I’d suggest you check out! 


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