How do I display price including VAT in my Abandoned Cart Prestashop 8.0.4

  • 15 September 2023
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I think I have tried everything now, so I hope someone can help me 😯

I can't see my prices with VAT in abandoned baskets but elsewhere in Klaviyo are with VAT… 

Product description also looks weird :-/


4 replies

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Hey @DennisMAX,

If the default pricing isn’t including VAT, I would suggest checking to see if your started checkout event is passing a variable that has the price including VAT you could use. I would also make sure you’ve also already enabled your PrestaShop settings to include VAT in it’s pricing - which you learn more how from our How to enable PrestaShop price include VAT Help Center article. 

Another solution I’ve seen others use if your VAT is a constant rate, is using a variable filter such as |multiply to add the VAT to your product price. I’ve previously discussed this in a past Community post which I’ve shared below:

I hope this helps!


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Hi @David To 

I have created a Browse Abandonment flow and there the prices are ok, so it cannot be from prestashop the error is coming from?

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@David To 

In the Klaviyo catalog the prices are with vat … 


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Now I make it like this : 


{{ item.Price|multiply:1.25 }} kroner


And the price is ok …. 

How to make the HTML code in short description disappear ?