How to add Billing address to Shipping Email?

  • 4 September 2021
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I’m able to add the shipping address by using code {{event.ShippingAddress}}, but I wonder how to access Billing Address  through code.


I googled a lot but I couldn’t find any solution. I would really appreciate your help guys!


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Hi @Teabox123,

Thanks for reaching out the Klaviyo Community!

The solution to this will depend on a few factors such as the ecommerce platform powering your website, the event you’re using to trigger the flow, and possibly your technical support resources. 

For example, customers using Shopify as their ecommerce store and integrated with their Klaviyo account, will see a default Order Confirmation flow in their flows library. This Order Confirmation flow is triggered from a Placed Order event. By default, the Shopify Placed Order event does bring over Billing Address as well as Shipping Address.

If you’re using Shopify but a different event to trigger the flow or not using Shopify to power your website but a different platform which you’ve integrated with Klaviyo, then you’ll need to search in the event’s properties to see if Billing Address is part of that event payload

If Billing Address is not part of the event payload for the triggering event, then you will need to create a custom event so that you can include this information. In order to do this, you’ll need to work with a developer who can use our APIs to push this data from your ecommerce store to Klaviyo. if you need help finding a developer, feel free to use our agency partner directory

I hope this helps!