How to display product regular price and discounted price in the product block in Klaviyo?

  • 1 December 2020
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In my email content in Klaviyo, I added a product block into the email. Right now i can link the products either from the feed or from the catalog. It shows the products ok with only 1 product price. I would like it to show 2 product prices, one is for regular price with a strike across it and the second one is the discounted price . I can’t seem to figure this out or if Klaviyo even support it. Anyone here know how to do this or if you know this is even possible in Klaviyo?





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Hi @helidirect, so you should be able to achieve that functionality in the platform. If you want to have the original price crossed out, you would want to insert into your product block the piece in red below  (note that you should use the correct item and not “whatever the price tag is”) in the correct section of the product block. That should allow you to display a crossed out version of the original price.


<s> {{ whatever the price tag is }} <s> 


You’ll then also want to make sure that you’re displaying the sale price as well. See if you can get that to work as the above should allow you to display a crossed out regular price but let us know how that goes!


Hi Paul,


Thanks for the reply, but I still dont get how I would insert that piece of information in the product block. I attached here the picture of the product block. It has the product name, price and button on the left. Where do I insert the “<s> {{ whatever the price tag is }} <s> “ into? In the Product Price input ? Also the info “<s> {{ whatever the price tag is }} <s> “ means something like “<s>$100<s> ??? Could you give me more clearer instruction and some example? 




Sorry, forgot mention the screenshot. Here is the screenshot of the product block

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Thanks for providing that screenshot @helidirect. What that image made me realize was I was referring to something different, so apologies on my end as I thought the ask was in reference to a dynamic product block. This is the block that is present in a flow like the Abandoned cart flow which shows the item that was abandoned. In a case like that, you can set up to strikethrough a price and reflect the sale price.

When it comes to achieving this same functionality from the product block where you are pulling products in from your catalog, unfortunately what you are trying to achieve is not a possibility at this time so it would be best to either omit the price or use the price indicated from the catalog source.

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@helidirect yeah unfortunately you won’t be able to show comparative pricing within a product block, however, there is a potential workaround you could try since you seem to be manually selecting products (this won’t work for a feed pulling dynamically from catalog). 

You can remove the price entirely from the block, and then use columns to add text below the product images that align with your products. There you can type in the price and the sales price. This isn’t ideal if you plan to change your sales price frequently, but could be an option if this will be the sales price for some time. Then you can drag in buttons to the columns and link to the correct products you’ve selected.


This is ridiculous.  Why would it bring in only one price field from Shopify to put into an email.  Why not bring in the MSRP and discount savings amount?  This was one of the main purposes for my signing up for Klavyio.  If I have to manually enter the product pricing, I can do that thru Mail Chimp.  Please tell me there is a way to show the savings amount in my email template.

I completely agree, We are hesitating to fully move over to Klaviyo because of this limitation.  Is there any work around that can be used without manually having to add the RRP?  Or as previous poster suggests, show the savings?  Most ecommerce sellers require this surely??



I had my daughter write code for me to at least get an MSRP with a red strike through. But that's not realistic for every time. And then I still had to enter the MSRP pricing manually.

Yes I kind of got that far, but this seems to be an incredible basic element missing when Klaviyo is just so sophisticated in so many other respects.  


I'm wondering if it's a Shopify restriction? I loaded up the Shopify Email app and it's automatically built into theirs. That being said I love the results and dashboard of Klaviyo.

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Hi @srenyer @secretlabel @helidirect, I wanted to follow up and let you know that I’ve submitted a feature request for this functionality to our team. Thank you for your feedback!

FANTASTIC!!!  It is just such an obvious thing missing, and will make a massive difference to us (and I think most ecommerce businesses).  Let's face it, most online selling is about offering some kind of discounted price on some products if not all. 

That is really good news.



That is wonderful! It really is a deal breaker functionality. Thank you for addressing the issue so quickly.


Hi @Julia.LiMarzi ,
please is there any update regarding this functionality? When we can expect it? It is a deal-breaker for us as well. 

Also please it would be also great if we could select which price we want to compare from to in the product blog as different customers have access to different prices based on their loyalty level. 


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Hey @Lukas, I don’t have an update at this time. 

I will update the feature request to also include this use case you suggested for loyalty tiers. For your tiered pricing, do customers log in to an account, and then the pricing they are shown is dependent on their loyalty level? And is that discount standardized across products? For example, if someone is a VIP they get 20% off all products?

A solution for promoting loyalty pricing in emails (if the discount is standardized) is to use Hide/Show Blocks to inform customers from different loyalty levels that the prices they see in the email will be further discounted by x amount because they’re loyal members. In my personal experience, I have seen instances where showing a higher price and offering a discount is more effective than showing a lower price, and it may be something you can experiment with as a workaround. 

I've been asking for this function since the day I signed up to Klaviyo 3 years ago and they promised to send it to their team.

It's such a simple request that for whatever reason they keep ignoring. It's marketing 101 to have the regular price as the anchor followed by the sale price. 

I just dont understand why it's not a priority despite so many people requesting it

Has this been updated yet?


Definitely need this option. It’s a PAIN in the BUTT to be doing the discount price manually with a strikethrough. It’s more labour involved for the person creating the newsletters.

Well it sucks if it’s a campaign element. If it’s part of a flow thats going out multiple times each day then you lose a ton of money not having it automated. Klaviyo needs to fix this, but Klaviyo will never gonna get around to adding this

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Hi @DaveK, @Oyivalk, @Drewseph 

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and honesty on your experience without the discounted price block. As @Julia.LiMarzi mentioned above, we have added this as a feature request, but I’ve also gone ahead and shared your additional comments and experiences with the appropriate teams. Although I do not have a specific timeline to reference, our team is exploring this functionality. I’ll be sure to update in this thread when there are more details to share. 

Again, thank you for sharing this with us and for being a part of the Community, 

Anybody else not buying it? My staff would never promise something with no timeline. 

I just signed up with a paid plan only to find out that something so basic is missing.  I thought Klaviyo was a superior product but it seems like they don’t cater for something so simple.  


Please get this feature in as soon as possible otherwise I’m better off saving my money and using Shopify Email.

Save your money and ditch klaviyo. This upgrade isnt coming anytime soon

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Hello @Oyivalk@Drewseph and @LeightonS , 

At present, Klaviyo’s product block does not support displaying more than one price, such as a product’s original price and its current sales price. As mentioned by @Julia.LiMarzi in this thread, the most common work around to this would be manually updating the price of the native product block to reflect the product’s sales price or adding a column block under the product block to manually display a secondary price. A YouTube video posted recently that highlighted how to put this strategy into action can be found here: 

If you are code-savvy, an additional solution available would be using a series of Django tags and Klaviyo’s Catalog Lookup function to custom code your own product block. Through using a Text block, you can custom code and simulate a native Klaviyo product block off your own design to reference any of your product’s properties including a regular and sales price field. Some resources I would suggest using to build this are the Django Documentation, Overview of the Catalog Lookup Tag, and Template Tags and Variable Syntax Help Center articles. You may also want to work with your template designer or finding one from one of our many partner agencies to further help you custom build this function.

As another note, if you wanted to display a sales price in addition to a product’s regular price within a flow email which utilizes a dynamic table block; I would suggest reviewing if these two properties are being synced from the event used to trigger your flow. If both a sales price and the regular price are being shared, you can dynamically reference the variable tags for these properties to display within your emails. Here’s some refreshers on using and customizing dynamic table blocks: 

This would further allow you to use the suggestion mentioned by @Paul S of using a strike through for your regular price tag <s> {{ whatever the price tag is }} <s> followed by including the tag to reference your sales price next to it or below it.

Since this threads surrounds an interest in highlighting a price drop, in case you may have missed Klaviyo’s most recent KPE event, I’ve included a summary of the event below. I bring this up because one of the exciting new feature releases during this event was a Price Drop Flow Trigger!

Thank you for being Klaviyo Community members!


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Good morning,

I just wanted to share a new update! 

@walid.bendris recently published a Medium Article that provides more in-depth detail on building your own custom product block which I had previously mentioned as a solution to displaying both a regular and sales price. You can find his article here: Solution Recipe 4: Extending Klaviyo’s Product Block Functionality

In it, he details the steps needed to build the custom block in your Klaviyo template which would extend the default Product Block’s functionality. Keep in mind that this process is still fairly sophisticated and we do recommend working with a developer to implement this solution.

Thanks for sharing your product feedbacks and for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!