How to Insert text over a background image?

  • 4 July 2023
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Hi there,

I would like to insert a non clickable title and a clickable button over an image.

Can you please help?

Thanks :)



Best answer by Jessica eCommerce Badassery 4 July 2023, 18:45

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When using the new drag and drop builder…


Add a new section to use for your image and text 

Add your image as a background image on the content area of the section

Drag you heading and button block into the section 


You may have to add some spacers to get the items to line up the way you want them to and to show more of the image.

Because the image is on the background, the height will be dependent on the height of the section.  

make sure to check your mobile layout as well. You might have to have different spacer sizes on the different devices. 

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Hi @Ness


@Jessica eCommerce Badassery hit the nail on the head here, she’s a great source of truth! Happy to see ya again in the Community @Jessica eCommerce Badassery


Here’s  our helpful documentation on how to do this as well for reference!


Thanks for participating in the Community!