How to make a image clickable to imidiately call someone

  • 10 August 2022
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I have a customized photo that I created in Photoshop. this photo says “Call us”. I want the image to be clickable to call the number attached to the photo. Is this possible?

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Hi there @MICAHSHEE,

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This would depend on where the image will be posted. Is this for a form on a website or within your own email?

You would be able to create a Klaviyo popup with an clickable image which redirects your customers to a specific URL on your site. However, if you do not have any email fields and submit button, none of the customer data would be recorded at Klaviyo's end. This is because the form wouldn't collect any email addresses, and without the submit button, there is no association to the submit List. Hope this makes sense. 
 Natively, there is no way to attach a phone number to an image. I would recommend looking into custom signup forms or emails to achieve this.