How to remind a subscriber (in a flow) of their dynamic coupon code?

  • 2 July 2021
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This seems like it’s a simple thing, but for some reason I am blanking on how to set it up. 


On shopify, I have a Welcome flow with a dynamic coupon (so that it can truly expire in X days). I present the coupon in the welcome flow (on the conditional logic branch that they have 0 purchases all time) using the standard syntax via Klaviyo docs. 

What I would like to do is on Day X-1, send a 24 hr reminder to people who still have not used the code (understand I may have to just brute force this by a logic filter of 0 purchases again) that their code is still good, but expires in 24 hours. 

My question is: how can I make sure that showing the code again is the same code as email one (day 0) and not a new code which starts the X days countdown all over again?

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Hi @mmdigital !

Thanks for posting this question to the Community!

If you use the same coupon tag within multiple flow messages, the recipient will receive the same unique code each time until the code expires. Due to the fact that the unique coupon will expire after 24 hours, if you wanted to create an email reminder to send a day after the customer initially gets email #1, you would have to set the coupon expiration date to 48 hours with a 24 hour time delay between the separate flow emails. By doing this, the flow can send unique coupon code day 1, wait 24 hours, send reminder and it would be the same code. 

More documentation and info about coupons can be found in these articles!

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Hope this helped and thanks for being a part of the Community!



ok thanks