How to remove dynamic coupon or its avaliability in a flow ?

  • 15 November 2022
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I back populated a winback flow with a dynamic coupon code based on an import list.

I had to not put an end date because it didn’t want to be send for some reasons.

Now a certain time has passed and I would like to remove the coupon or at least its avaliability.

I justed remove it from the coupons section but it still works when I put it on the shop.

How can I remove it completly?



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Hi @Nico01,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

When you create a Shopify coupon in Klaviyo, the actual codes of the coupon are generated in Shopify, and you will be able to find them and edit them there. There will be an 'App' next to the coupon, and the coupon will have the name you created in Klaviyo and the date & time it was generated, as seen in the screenshot below.


If your Klaviyo coupon has a variable expiration date, then there may be multiple instances of the coupon having been created in Shopify. 

You can either delete the coupon or change its expiration date to allow customers to no longer use it. 

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