How to remove white border to left and right of images

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi all,


New to Klaviyo coming from MailChimp - how can I remove the white borders to the left and right of images? Showing in Mac Mail and iPhone mail. Never had this issue with MC.


Even the templates have it:





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3 replies

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Hello @zaksingle

Are you already using the “Fill Image Area” setting for that image block? If not, I would recommend doing so as enabling that setting would allow the image to fill up the entire space of the block. You can find that setting by clicking on the Image Block > Block > Fill Image Area.

Some other things to consider:

  • Are there any padding used for that Image Block?
    • You can see if there are padding applied and update it by going the Block Styles of the Image Block
  • Are you uploading an image that has those white borders to the left and right of the image?
    • If so, then you may want to “cut” or remove these borders before uploading to Klaviyo for use again

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Hi David,


Thanks for you reply and suggestions. I have selected Fill Image Area, theres no padding, and there are no borders in the images.


In fact, the tester email above was a completely untouched template (I did this to see if it was just me) and it still occurs. It doesn’t even show in the preview, it only happens when sending to Mac Mail and iPhone.


Kind regards,


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Hello @zaksingle,

Can you also double check to make sure if your template’s width is set to be 600px? You can check this from the form’s Style’s tab.

I would also recommend ensuring the above settings of Fill Image Area, Padding, and 600px Width are actually saved to the template as any changes will need to be saved for these updates to take effect. If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, can you also share some images of your template highlighting the template’s Style’s tab, respective image’s Block’s tab, and the Block Style’s tab?