If logic not working

  • 24 November 2022
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See image above.

The top statement works fine but seems messy. Is there something we are doing wrong in the second statement?

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Hi @SDBradfo,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

In terms of the first statement, typically, spacing issues can be fixed by removing the styling within the source of the text block. You can also fix this by re-copying the tag and re-pasting it as plain text (which will strip out all the formatting):

“Old” Klaviyo Template Editor

The screenshot above is from the old editor, if you’re using the new editor you’ll want to highlight and click the remove formatting option:

“New” Klaviyo Template Editor

In terms of the second statement in your screenshot, perhaps you can explain what you’re trying to display there that’s different from what the first statement currently displays (in terms of substance rather than formatting) in plain words and we can work on it from there. 

Thanks for being a community member.