Importing reviews from shopify into campaigns and flows for added to cart data

  • 28 December 2021
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Is it possible to import reviews for emails based on what a customer has in a shopify cart?


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Hi there @athanasiusrc,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for posting your question regarding Shopify data and hope we can work towards a solution together.

Although we cannot track every customer’s current cart and see what is inside every single user, we can see if they’ve added certain products to carts and use that data to build flows and other strategies. To start, this document covers the data from Shopify that we can review in Klaviyo. 

It is important to note that Shopify and Klaviyo begin tracking Checkout Started metrics at different points. Shopify is able to track the event earlier that Klaviyo, so you will likely always see more profiles reflected in Shopify than you do in Klaviyo. This guide walks through the major differences: Abandoned Checkouts and Checkout Started in Shopify

A profile needs to get to the second step of checkout (the shipping options) in order to be recorded in Klaviyo. Once they do that they will trigger the Abandoned Cart flow. We will also only record profiles that checkout with an email address and not with just a mobile number:


One way to help capture customers earlier in the process would be to add the Added to Cart tracking to your site. This allows us to track when a cookied profile adds an item to their cart and can capture them before they get to checkout. Steps on that process can be found at: Create a Custom "Added to Cart" Event for Shopify.

Additionally, there is a great community post regarding the same add to cart snippet and troubleshooting that:

As for exporting data, we have a community post that answers a similar question that also provides great resources:


Let me know if this helped!