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  • 27 January 2023
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We have a shipping program with an annual fee. It is a product on our Shopify site. We have a blurb promoting it in the footer of every email (campaigns and flows). The price of it does change occasionally. Is there a way to use a dynamic code to pull that one product’s price into the text of the email? Currently, we have to edit every email individually. If we can’t get that data directly from the product, is there a way to create a global variable that could be changed in one place that would change all the email copy automatically?


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Hey @Jeff B 

Thanks for asking another great question!

You can use universal or saved content to reuse specific blocks or sections within a template and avoid duplicative work. For example, In the footer that you use in your email templates, you can add the shipping program information and save it to avoid recreating it from scratch in every new email. Once the footer is saved as universal content in one email template, you will be able to drag and drop the footer into all your other templates as necessary. Once this is complete, if there is a price update you will only need to update one of the email templates because you will have the option to update all instances where this block is found. 

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Stephen, that looks like a good solution but it appears to be only in the new editor, is that right? Everything we have is in the old one currently. I haven’t spent much time with the new editor, but last time I did I wasn’t getting very good results. Previews and sends didn’t match the look in the editor very well. Have there been improvements?