Is it possible to dynamically generate one time use coupon codes with WooCommerce?

  • 10 March 2021
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Hello, Is it possible to dynamically generate a one time use coupon code in woocommerce using klaviyo. If I wanted to offer a 50% off code on someone's birthday I’d want to make sure that only they could use it and only once. But would need it to be automated. 

6 replies

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Love the idea of sending someone a discount code on their birthday! You can find a guide on how to set this up from the Birthday Flow article.

Although at this time Klaviyo does not have the capability to generate unique coupon codes for use with WooCommerce as part of it’s integration; this does not mean you wouldn't be able to accomplish your goal! You can still use Klaviyo with a WooCommerce integration to send unique one-time use coupon codes from Klaviyo by using a third party code generator such as or any other code generator app you wish to use to pre-emptively generate these codes and upload them to Klaviyo and WooCommerce for use. With these codes already generated, you can upload them to both Klaviyo and WooCommerce for use. This way when you recipients are served one of these pre-generated coupon codes from Klaviyo, they would still be usable within WooCommerce. You can find instructions on how to create and upload these coupons to both Klaviyo and WooCommerce from the below articles:

Let me know how this goes!

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Badge +3 another way around this would be to create a discount code in Woocommercethat can only be used once per recipient and i.e. change it monthly.



Any news related to the generation of unique and dynamic coupon codes for use with WooCommerce ?

Is it something that we can hope to see in the future, or as you mention, this is a limitation of Woocommerce and then, it will be never possible to have this option integrated within Klaviyo?


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Hi @ArnaudLaf


No news yet, however, there have been a lot of chatter about getting this into production! It is definitely something that can be created in the future and is not an impossible feature. 


Will circle back when there is news! 




If a woocommerce user uses Smart Coupons, bulk coupons can be generated easily.  The plugin generates basically a CSV which then needs to be imported.  That same list is then used to upload to Klaviyo I suppose.


There is also a hidden routine in woocommerce > settings (** I think **) that will purge all unused and expired coupons. 

One needs to be VERY cautious when generating these coupons because it is easy to over discount with one slip of a mouse click.  So be positive the coupon is the way you want it to be prior to bulk creation, or instead of making a 5% off a single item coupon you’ll accidentally make a $5 off your whole order coupon.

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Hi @JayH


Love to see users going out of their way to share some product knowledge with each other! 


Thanks for sharing your workaround for using Smart Coupons! Just curious, do you mind sharing more or linking a doc that can shed more light on the possibility of deleting unused coupons in Woocommerce? I think our users, me included, would love to learn how to potentially do this!


Thanks for being a part of the Community!