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  • 27 April 2021
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Hi there,


I’ve created a few flows. Some of our customers have replied but weirdly when I look at the email they have received, there are two of our logos at the top. When I click preview to check the email, there is only one. Can anyone help? I don’t want two logos on the top of each email.

Thank you



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3 replies

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Hey @rutholdfield

Are you by chance being forwarded the email or having the email display again when someone sends a reply to your email? If this is the case, this blog post from Litmus should shed some light into this occurence:

Furthermore, @Mack999 actually had a similar post regarding this issue as well where @Alex92 was able to provide a workaround of rebuilding the header/logo block with a single Image block.

Let us know how this goes!


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Thanks for your help. So someone has to replied to my email and when I scroll down, I see our logo twice and then my original email that was sent due to the flow.

Do I therefore not need to worry and they will only have received the one logo?

Thanks again - sorry it’s taking me a while to get my head around Klaviyo.


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Hello @rutholdfield

Thanks for those details! In that case, no need to worry as the emails are your sending from your flows would still only contain one logo/header. 

This occurrence is due to your emails “threading” which acts just like when emails are forwarded.