Logo not aligning correctly in gmail, background not full page on Apple for double opt-in emails

  • 23 January 2023
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For my opt-in emails, the logo should appear center aligned, which it does in Kalviyo’s previews. However in the actual emails, the logo is left aligned.

Also, in apple mail the background appears as a block on the top and does not extend throughout the page.

There’s no option to mobile-optimize the opt-in emails.




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6 replies

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Hey @Yvonne ecommerce 

Thanks for sharing, Quick question for you, are you customizing your default confirmation pages in the account settings or list specific pages? 



Hey Klaviyo team,

We are having a similar issue with the double Opt-In Email design.


We have modified both our default confirmation pages in the account settings and listed specific pages with the following styles:


Klaviyo Editor Mobile View
Gmail Mobile view


There are the following issues:

  • Fonts don’t work
    • Configurations should be correct & there aren’t any HTML/CSS attributes that would overwrite the font settings. (see screenshot below)
    • In all other Klaviyo email templates Barlow font works. 


  • Button has underscore styles
    • There is no setting to even edit this in Button-block settings.
  • Logo doesn’t align center
    • Logo width is 100px & horizontal setting = center.
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@stephen.trumble I’m configuring them in the default, and then also in the specific list.  Both have the same issue when delivered on mobile (using the Gmail app and Mail app on iphone).

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Hey @Yvonne ecommerce & @IVALO 

I just asked one of our email template experts for advice, thank you so much for your patience! 
This issue could be caused from the padding around the image block. Here is an example of around what the padding should be: 

If it is close to these settings within a couple of px, You will need to email support for them to look at the specific page to figure out why this is not formatting correctly. If the padding is alot more or less than shown, try updating the settings closer to these numbers.

Hope this helps!

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@stephen.trumble I appreciate you looking into this!

If that is the case, then your engineers should fix this bug. The padding should not be affecting the alignment - it doesn’t make sense. If Klaviyo requires a specific padding range, then don’t let users go above and beyond that.  In my case, I have no padding.

In general, I find Klaviyo really hard to use because it’s so buggy and requires so many hacks.  

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Hi @Yvonne ecommerce 

Sorry you are experiencing issues with Klaviyo. I have opened a ticket on your behalf to see if this is a bug issue then and they should respond in email.