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  • 16 January 2023
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When I design a long email on kalviyo everything looks fine, but when I send it the email doesn't look complete and some things are misconfigured. 

Does anyone know how to make the email look complete when it is sent?


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4 replies

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@Casa Nativa There could many reasons for the email being misconfigured such as alignment not being set properly or images not having fixed width. There are lots of resources and training materials in the Academy Area from beginner level such as to more advanced topics around why your email may be clipped

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@Casa Nativa,

Can you add a bit more context to what you're asking? From your short message I can not make out how we can help you best.

For example: I'm trying to send a campaign (newsletter) and when I preview it on my browser it looks ok but in Gmail or in Outlook or xyz email client it looks awefull. Everything is not aligned I see XYZ and ABC happening.

Also sharing an example of what's happening and how it looks might be very helpful for us to have an understanding and possibly help you.


Looking forward to hearing from you

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My guess is that the emails are being clipped. Gmail does this a lot for emails over a certain length. Luckily, Klaviyo just launched a feature to let you know if your email is at risk of being clipped or not. 

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@Casa Nativa 

What does it look like when you send a test email to yourself? Do you check both mobile and desktop in an email client? Maybe you have something set to display only mobile or only desktop and you’re only seeing part of the content?