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I added the product image to our transactional emails.
Unfortunately the WooCommerce integration only adds the original image url and no thumbnails.
Therefore the images are often way too big. 

I saw, that I can add a max width to the dynamic image. Thats a good start.
But I need an option the add a max height as well. Otherwise the images are very big and all with different heights.

The best way would be a thumbnail URL in the event data. But a max height would do it as well.

Is there any way to do this?

This is what I see in the image element of the table:



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Hey @SimonK 

Thanks for asking another great question. Happy to help with images in your emails.

If you'd like to create the Abandoned Cart block and control the image size, you can build a dynamic block by either using a Table block or a Split block. The Table block has the Dynamic functionality which allows you to loop over multiple items left behind. For the Split Block, it's slightly different where you'd need to use the Repeat feature. Both are the same behaviors though and will allow you to control your image size.

Hope this helps! 

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Hi @stephen.trumble 

thank you for your answer. But I think I don’t understand it ;)

I’m using a dynamic block and I already added the product image. My problem is that the image has no max height. I see only an option to change the max width.

Unfortunately our images are not square. So every image has another height.

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Hey @SimonK 

You can add an image to a text block (screenshot below) and edit the image height and width:

1. Add image URL manually:

Grab the image URL from your library (click the image and grab the URL:

3. Add the URL and you will be able to control the height rather than the width.  The little lock will preserve the aspect ratio:

Also a best practice moving forward would be to resize your product images as you are uploading them into your catalog so they are all consistent. This will save you time in editing your content in the long run. Check out this community post that talks about this a little more. 


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Thank you @stephen.trumble,

The inline image does the trick.

I added the following style to the image:

 style="max-height: 80px; max-width: 80px;"

Unfortunately we have to use non consistent images for another reason. But this way works for now.