Missing products from shopify site when using select from catalog option in product block

  • 23 April 2021
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I am creating a welcome flow with a product block. I’ve chosen the option to select from catalogue but not all the products on the shopify store page appears (I can see products that are no longer on sale too)

Can’t work out how to get the full catalogue to appear 

Any advice/help will be much appreciated


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8 replies

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Hi @candi.baratta,


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some challenges with your catalog sync. You can access your catalog page by signing into your Klaviyo account and then navigating to


Is it a few products that you are missing from your catalog or is it a majority of them?




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Hi @julie.accardo Julie thanks for the link and reply - I’ve checked in the catalogue and its just a few products missing rather than all or the majority



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Hi @candi.baratta 


Are these products live and published in your catalog? Are you seeing any integration errors? I’d suggest reviewing your ecommerce integration and ensuring all periodic syncs have gone through without any errors as this would include any catalog updates you make.


I hope this helps!

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Hi @candi.baratta,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community. And thank you @marissanunez and @julie.accardo for your input.

Shopify catalogs do not sync in real time, but rather they sync nightly. Therefore, I recommend checking 24 hours after the item is added to see if it’s been pulled through to Klaviyo. The catalog will also sync when a Placed Order/Checkout Started event gets triggered with the product(s) in question.

Thanks and do let me know if you’re still having any difficulty.

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thank you all for your replies, @dov.derin @marissanunez @julie.accardo  - Ive found the products in the Shopify account. The product is a ‘variant’ and I can see these listed in my inventory but on Klaviyo only the main product shows in the catalog and not the variants in the inventory page - how do I link the products in the Shopify inventory or am I even able to? I am not an experienced Shopify user :grin::pray:

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Hello @candi.baratta,

Thank you for your follow-up reply!

Currently, Klaviyo product blocks only support the primary product and we do not offer the ability to select a variant. In order to display variant information in your Klaviyo email, you will have to use a table block in a metric-triggered flow. 

Displaying a variant image for a product has been addressed in the forum previously, and I am including a link to that thread below:

 Thanks and have a great day.

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Hello. I have the same problem,  but my case is not a variant issue.

Klaviyo can’t recognize this item and this is its status on Shopify, do you think it has something to do about it? Please help.



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Hi @Angel from eCohete,

Thanks for your reply.

It looks like the item in question is currently out of stock. If an item is out of stock, or you are not keeping track of inventory for the item in Shopify, we'll hide it from your catalog so it won't appear in any feed. For more information on product blocks I recommend looking through our documentation here.

Additionally, I recommend reading through a reply by my colleague @Taylor Tarpley it contains further details on this topic, including how to refresh your feed if necessary:

I hope that helps clarify things and thanks for being a member of our community.