Mobile version shows same as PC version

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Hello, I set two formats for mobile and pc version. When I preview the mobile version, it is very normal. But when I send  the test and open using my mobile, it shows pc version. Could you please tell me why this happens? Thanks


(the first picture is when I preview while the second is the exact email I opened with mobile




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Hi @JennyZ are you opening the email on the inbox provider app on your mobile or through the web on your mobile? Has this happened before?

Another question… what inbox provider are you using?

Reason for this question is, some inbox providers display emails differently due to how they  interpret HTML code. 

If you’re looking to test emails on all different devices and different inbox providers, a good way is checking on an email testing and rendering tool which will show you exactly how the emails are displaying on all different devices. A tool like Email on Acid will help you greatly in optimizing your emails. 

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Thanks a lot. It has been solved 


Can I ask how this was solved? Im having the same issue.. Its definitely the PC version coming through to the mobile phone for me.. I have different wording in each version and the PC wording is in the mobile email. 

Same problem here! How did you (Jenny) or both of you (in the meantime hopefully) fix it?