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  • 18 February 2022
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I’m a new user and having a go at creating my first email template using the new editor. It’s automatically given me a starting template that I’m trying to edit and I want to move the image overlay element to the top of the image rather than the bottom. It won’t let me drag and drop and I can’t find anything in the layout tab that let’s you set it’s position so I can’t for the life of my figure out how to do this - can anyone help please?



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3 replies

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Hi @NancyWC - welcome to the community!

To position the content overlay of a Section Background, the way I’ve done it is to adjust the Section padding’s “Top” and “Bottom” settings accordingly to set where the content overlay is positioned over the background. Make sure you are clicking on the Section (I click on the left or right edge of the content) to bring up the proper Section Styles setting.

You can see this setting circled here in my screenshot:

In this example, I put 100 pixels above, and 100 pixels below the content overlay to sort of center it.  But if you want it towards the top, you would obviously decrease the Top padding and increase the Bottom padding as you see fit.  

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Joseph, I did try this but in the preview it made no change so I’ll try it in a different browser and see what happens. I’ve also had this when trying to change a text box background colour that the change won’t show in the preview...

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Hi again Joseph, I’ve just realised I think I confused you with my query - it’s actually the text overlaying the image I want to reposition and can’t seem to do this either dragging and dropping or using the padding amendments shown when you click the text box. So as shown in the below screenshot I want to move the text overlay to the top white area - is this possible? Thanks