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  • 1 March 2023
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I have connected 2 multiple language stores (Magento 2) with products in different languages to one account. When I want to make campaign e-mails in different languages and added products, there has been in static block an option to sort products based on product feeds. Now there is just search and categories, the product feed option has vanished.

Now I cannot distinguish between products that are both in the same language, but in different stores. Previously I made product feeds based on language and store for sorting products. 

Is it possible to somehow get back sorting based on product feed or even add “catalogs” which sorts products based on store and language?


Below is a screenshot of a place where the “product feed” option was.



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2 replies

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Hey @Katrym 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thanks for asking for help with your product feeds.

First, we typically recommend Klaviyo to be used 1:1 with your ecommerce integration. Having two stores connected to one Klaviyo account can get a bit complicated. 

With that said, you first need to create the product feeds from your catalogs. The article I linked above covers how to build the new product feed and gives you the option to choose which catalog you want to pull products from. Once the product feed is created you should be able to find it in the Product Block Styles. 

Hope this helps!

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@Katrym I'm following up on @stephen.trumble recommendation. Being in Europe we have a lot of clients with various languages and to be honest the best way is to keep them separate.

Think multicurrency, think all the flows in the same account with different languages, triggers, people with language settings getting overruled etc. There's just so much more you need to take into consideration and be focused on not to make mistakes about that even though 1 accounts sounds great I've seen first hand the issues it creates.

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