My Logo is Blurry in my newsletter

  • 19 March 2022
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I’m a graphics professional, so I understand dimensions and resolution. I have created my logo to the exact size I want. It’s from a vector graphic, so sizing is no problem. My logo is tack sharp in Photoshop. I’m exporting as a .png.

It’s blurry in my newsletter. I am viewing on a Retina display and they do say it’s best to do graphics 2x the size. However, if I make my logo bigger though and resize in Klaviyo, it really looks bad. 

How can I get my logo sharp? As you can see, my other graphic is quite sharp. Thank you.



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5 replies

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Hi there @Leslie Nicole,

Thanks for posting to the Community!

One of the prevailing standards for improving the crispness of a rendered image in an email is indeed to insert an image 2x the desired size and then reduce the image size within your template. There are two ways to approach this:

  1. Insert a large, crisp version of your image into your template, then click Edit Image and resize to your preferred dimensions
  2. Insert a natively larger image (i.e. 600px wide) and display at a smaller size (i.e. 300px width) using CSS; to take this approach, you'll need to insert your image into a text block and adjust the CSS source code.

Could you explain why this process might not work for you? Is there some graphical error that occurs when resizing or some formatting issue? 
Here is a great resource to help you troubleshoot your desired logo quality. 


All the best,


Neither of these solutions has helped me, and I am also a digital designer. Quite frankly, if Klaviyo can’t even handle vector graphics, and indeed produce a professional standard of presentation, then what is it good for? 

Leslie, Have you found a solution to this problem? I’m having the exact issue.


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@Hayes Hey there!

I’m just seeing this thread and wanted to chime in - have you tried exporting your image in different formats, then uploading to Klaviyo? Let’s say you’ve set up all the sizes etc. the way you want them. Try exporting as PNG, JPEG or GIF, and see which one retains the original quality.

We can try a few more fixes if this one doesn’t help. Exporting a regular image in the “gif” format sometimes helps circumvent any quality issues.

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Hi @Hayes


Additionally, I’d check out our documentation on Images in emails reference which goes through how to have the best images in your emails a bit more in depth. 


But generally across the web, using 72dpi resolution is best practice! I recommend trying to keep your images between 600 and 1000 px in width and less than 2000px in height for full-width images, in order to balance image quality and loading speeds. Images that are less than the full width of the email can be smaller than 600px. These additional threads might help too!