New Template Editor not scaling correctly when 'mobile optimisation' is Off

  • 24 November 2021
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When using the new editor… under the ‘Style’ tab when I switch Mobile Optimisation off - mobile styles such as padding and font size are still applied to the email.

In the old editor, when Mobile Optimisation was switched Off, my email would simply be scaled down for mobile devices.

Is there any way to get the new editor working like the old one in this regard…?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 24 November 2021, 23:02

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2 replies

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Hi @megan


Welcome to the Community! 


Thank you for sharing your feedback and observation with the new template editor! We deeply value the issues our users bring up and are grateful as well so we can keep improving our product for a better experience! 


I can see that you have also let our support team know of this observation as well and they have passed on your feedback. Unfortunately, I do not have any new news at this time, but will follow back when the issue is rectified!  


Thanks for being a part of the Community!


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I am just checking in to see if this is something that is being worked on / fixed or if it is just going to get lost in the feedback pile….?

Turning off mobile optimisation might seem like a small thing but in a business our size it is a real inconvenience to design emails twice and for different devices - I am sure that I am not alone in this.

Your new editor is great, i’d love to have already moved over to using this in our business but it is useless unless your ‘mobile optimisation’ switch actually works. Otherwise I would recommend that you remove this as a function all together as it currently serves no purpose.

I look forward to an update on this soon hopefully.
Until then , we will continue to work and import from Photoshop.