Optimal image size for Klaviyo newsletter

  • 21 June 2021
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We are starting a monthly newsletter using a Klaviyo newsletter template. What is the best size for images (for mobile and desktop)?


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3 replies

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Hello @Sales@AHB,

Thank you for your question.

I recommend following the guidelines outlined in Best Practices for Using Images in Emails.

In short, across the web, using 72dpi resolution is best practice. Try to keep your images to 600px or less in width and less than 2000px in height, in order to balance image quality and loading speeds. In terms of the “why”, I recommend reviewing our article on Optimal Email Template Width.  A 600px width will help optimize emails built with Klaviyo for mobile viewing as well.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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I'm curious about how to effectively integrate Canva images into Klaviyo. Specifically, I'm wondering about the ideal size for these images—would something around 600x2000 pixels be suitable? Canva prompts for dimensions, and I'm unsure of what to input. Does it significantly impact the final result?

I'm relatively new to this process and lack extensive experience with both Canva and Klaviyo. As someone not proficient in graphic design, I'm seeking guidance on how to navigate this effectively.

Would you be able to provide assistance?

Thank you kindly!




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Hi there @LunaFr11


Happy to help! 


While I’d check still recommend checking out  the documentation linked above, I’d also check out this article as it explains the why in more depth and would be insightful! Generally we recommend keeping your images between 600 and 1000 px in width and less than 2000px in height for full-width images, in order to balance image quality and loading speeds. The dimension do significantly impact the result! 


These additional threads will help you ace template designs and create impactful emails that will drive customer action! Which is of course what we want after all :)


Hope this helps!