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  • 25 February 2021
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I am currently updating our confirmation emails in Shopify with new Klaviyo templates, but there is an issue in Outlook which renders the button incorrectly and with extra text.

I understand Outlook is awful with rendering emails but I was wondering, has anyone found any work arounds to get buttons to display properly from Shopify confirmation emails? (examples below)



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5 replies

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Hi there,

Our engineering team is currently aware of this issue. A ticket has been opened and a fix is in the works.

Thank you.



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@caroline  are there any updates on an ETA for a fix? I’d consider this a production critical bug, as usually buttons are linked to timely and money related actions. 

It’s actually holding us back from a campaign that we’d like to launch.

Also I noticed that this is marked as solved, but the issue is still ongoing. Could we not mark this as solved until the code change is pushed out?

It’s really confusing when there is solved button at the top, but when in reality it’s not.

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Just want add here that when you send a test email directly from the Klaviyo preview function, the email button in question renders fine in Outlook Windows O365: 

However if I export the email template as html and copy and paste it (1:1 no change) and send it directly from our own server, it renders as below in Outlook : 

This is really strange, because nothing is changed, and I can replicate the issue in other email providers such as litmus. 

So what that tells me is that your team hard-coded a manual fix in place using the MSO_OPEN and MSO_CLOSE references above without perhaps considering a common use case of people using Klaviyo to export the html formats, and using their own server for transactional emails. 

I went ahead and confirmed this as the html from what was sent from Klaviyo server is different than the html you receive when you export a template from Klaviyo. 

This is a problem as large percentage of the business market uses Outlook, and if we send out a button like this to thousands of people (which we were planning on doing next week), this would be pretty bad. I doubt people are diligently checking up and investigating your code like I’m specifically for Outlook, but rest assured this is really annoying. 

Just want to add I’m not an Outlook email renderer expert nor want to be, but would it be possible to have a proper fix for this so I don’t have to custom code the html export myself, and that the email being sent from Klaviyo is 1:1 with what the email export function does? 

Otherwise I need to custom code html and copy and paste things in multiple places to solve this problem per each template, and that kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a what I hoped would be a one shop ESP. 



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Hi @ridesurfer,


I checked in with our engineering team and they updated me that the bug has been fixed and that it did not impact sends or preview sends, only exported templates.





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@caroline thank you for the update. Able to confirm that issue is now fixed.