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  • 11 February 2021
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I want to do an A/B test for my popup with two different offers.  I thought I could just pick two of my existing popups but it doesn’t look like I can.  If I set up the test with one popup I can’t figure out how to change the coupon codes.


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4 replies

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For klaviyo forms the only way you can do tests is creating A/B test inside the form. There you will have to edit the both A and B test forms separately so I guess you can just add different codes?

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I can’t figure out how to change to coupon code for the B option. I’ll have to check with support. 




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When you go to the form, top right you should have option Edit A/B Test or something like that.. than you have the A/B versions and you can edit them there..

Just one warning.. this is only available if the test is not live. Once you make the test live you can’t edit it.

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Hello @madgeshatbox,

How are you serving these customers a coupon code? Were they a Unique Coupon Code served to these customers within a Welcome Series? If so, then you can offer different discount codes based on who has received and signed up for a specific A/B Signup Form Test by applying hidden input tags for each A/B test variation as highlighted in the Guide to Properties article Under the subsection of “Form with Hidden Fields Example”.


In using these hidden input tags for your forms, you can then use Conditional Splits within your Welcome Series flow to evaluate and direct customers down specific paths of your flow based on what tag you applied to these customers who filled out which version of the A/B test form. For example, if you had a hidden input group tag for Variation A of your A/B test, with “Source = A/B Test - A” and for Variation B of your A/B test, with “Source = A/B Test - B”; you can have a conditional split rule read “Source = A/B Test - A” which would cause everyone who filled out Variation A to be navigated down the YES path and everyone else who has “Source = A/B Test - B” would be brought down the NO path. Overall, this would allow you to have different discount codes housed in a different email down each path to serve to these customers.