Product Image not showing up inside "placed order" metric (Shopify)

  • 15 July 2022
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EDIT: Solved and I’m writing an answer now. 


I’m using the new editor to build out a simple customer thank you email. 

I would like it to show the product that they have recently purchased, dynamically inside the email. 

I have placed a test order through Shopify (after enabling test orders in Shopify).

The information from Shopify is syncing with Klaviyo. 

When viewing the “placed order” metric inside the email template, I can see the order that I placed that has information about the name, price, and other information. 

But the imageURL is nowhere to be found. 

EDIT: I have checked other metrics, such as “viewed product” and “started checkout” and the images ARE available in those. Just not the “placed order” metric. 

I have included a screenshot. 

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

I don’t know why it should matter, but for the sake of completeness, I did use this inside a flow that has placed order as the trigger. 

I’m wondering if for some reason it is because it is a test order, and maybe the information Shopify sends to Klaviyo is more limited? Just speculation though. 



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I wanted to test out the line (as my dynamic image url):

{{ event.extra.line_items.0.product.images.0.src }}

Which is where the first image is located in “checkout started”

To my surprise, it worked, even though the “line_items” property was nowhere to be found. 

However, after scrolling down and thinking that it literally had to be included in order to work, I found this area. 

You’ll notice that there is a fairly easy to miss section that is collapsed. 

And that’s where it’s hidden. 

I’ll keep this up rather than deleting for the sake of posterity. But yeah. 

Easy to miss, but it’s definitely there.