Product prices not showing up in Dynamic Abandoned Cart emails

  • 12 May 2021
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Hi Community!

Hoping someone can help me out: I’ve created an Abandoned Cart flow (Added to Cart trigger) and I’m using the default email template that comes as part of that flow. 

Here is what is showing in the email template (after I added some styling):


However, when I preview the email or send myself a test email, the price isn’t showing up:



What should that merge field be in order to display the price?

thank you in advance for any help! 🙏

Adrian @ Nomia


Best answer by Dov 13 May 2021, 14:45

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Hello @NomiaMarketing,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Community.

If you ever notice a specific event variable (merge field) isn’t showing up in your email as you’d expect, it’s best practice to click the “Preview” icon, but before clicking the blue “Preview Now” button, click on the event variable in question within the preview modal. This will tell you what variable you need to include in your email. For Added to Cart, this field you need to display price is {{ event.Price }}. 

 I am also linking a previous post below where I explain this process in more detail, the exact same theory applies in your case.


For events that store multiple values for each line item, simply copying and pasting the tag directly from the preview modal will not suffice (for example Checkout Started for Shopify which stores multiple items in the cart). This is because in these cases, we need to account for multiple values of the same variable, for example 4 different prices for 4 different items. Klaviyo explains how to display event data for these types of events using event variable arrays here. However, since each Added to Cart event only stores a single item per event, this concept is not applicable in your case but it is helpful to be aware of for events that do require using arrays.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.